Our Story:

The EasyClean Duster was invented by Brett Thomas through much guided inspiration. His background has been in the window covering industry for over 15 years. One constant question always came up to him as he consulted with thousands of clients and sold thousands of window coverings. What is the best way to clean Blinds and Shutters?

Brett ThomasAfter many times hearing the same question over and over and without a good answer he decided to do something about it. Through much research, thought and constant trial and error, the EasyClean Duster concept was born in the year 2000 and first tested in the market shortly after. It was a success, but Brett wanted to create something that you could use to clean any size blind or shutter and also use it to clean your home.

The EasyClean Duster was trademarked and patented and eventually brought to a commercial version in 2010 and perfected in 2011. It has been sold in 49 states and 5 countries since then and continues to grow all over the world as people begin to use it and hear about its unique abilities. It is providing a better cleaning solution for thousands while being a more cost effective option and it is easier on our environment with its Re-washable Re-usable capabilities.

Mission Statement

To create a superior Blind and Shutter cleaner that also has the ability to clean everything in your home.

Our Philosophy

We believe here at EasyClean that cleaning can be made simple and effective. We have created a product that minimizes cost and improves performance with less effort. The Result, a cleaner safer home and more time to spend with the ones you love most!

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