Blind and Shutter Companies are using the Easyclean Blind Cleaner in their business….

Have you ever bought blinds before? If you have I’m sure you have thought of this question or asked this question upon closing finishing the purchase. What do you recommend I use to clean my blinds or shutters? There never really has been a good answer and that is why I came up with the Easyclean Duster. It’s a simple quick and easy way to clean blind and shutter slats. Dust unfortunately continually accumulates and horizontal slats are a key target. This blind cleaner and shutter duster will make your life easier. It can take care of all sizes of window coverings you may own throughout your life in the different homes you will own. It also is re-usable and washable for many times over.

When you hear of something good what do you usually do? You share it right? So try out the Easyclean Duster today and if you like it tell someone about it! We hope you will and begin making your life a little more aligned with the tools that make your jobs easier. Check us out at today!

3 thoughts on “Blind and Shutter Companies are using the Easyclean Blind Cleaner in their business….

  1. Abby L. Hayden says:

    People have all kinds of blinds and shutters these days. They are made from all types of different products . The Easyclean Duster is a new product into the market specifically designed for blind and shutter cleaning. Its ability to adjust to different sizes of slats from 1″ to 4 ” make it unique in the market. It can truly make your life easier to maintain your window coverings. Many people ask How to clean blinds? or What is the best way to clean blinds and shutters? The Easyclean duster answers that question with our unique ability to clean both sides of the slats at the same time. It is also washable and re-usable. We pride ourselves in creating a product that is made of quality keeps on giving back to the consumer. Although it is primarily designed for blinds and shutters it can be used for many different things in your home . It will clean all types of vents, ceiling fans, moldings, and furniture and hard to reach places. Try out the Easyclean duster today and make your life easier and save time and money on cleaning projects in your home!

  2. Sarah P. Clay says:

    We all have many things to clean in life right? Cleaning is one of those ugly things we need to do and never seems to go away. I would like to introduce a tool that has been created that will make your cleaning life quick and easy. The Easyclean duster is a furniture duster, blind cleaner, cobweb killer with “All in one” capabilities and a tool your home could benefit from its abilities. Its microfiber dusting fingers have the ability to reach tough and tight areas with the option to quickly change them out when dirty with optional refills. While your busy getting the replacements dirty you can simply throw the dirty ones in the washer to clean and then re-use! The Easyclean duster is versatile with its adjustable pins for cleaning different size of blinds and shutters too. It cleans both sides of blind slats and any other object at the same time! Use is for light fixtures and window seals as well as ceiling fans. It has an adapter that is available to reach those high and difficult areas. The easyclean duster is the newest product out and the only one with removable green dusting fingers that you can use over and over again. This allows you to stop wasting money on all those refills that you use once and throw away. The Easyclean duster will clean all of the tasks you have in your home. Try it today and it will be the last duster you ever own!

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