Does your home suffer from dirty blinds and shutters?

Have you looked at your blinds lately? Have you seen the dirt and dust that piles up on you blind slats and shutter louvers? Seriously this is a problem….. This is why you need to get your home and ECD. In other words an Easy Clean Duster. Most people avoid this difficult and horrible job. It is mundane and tedious and usually people end up paying money for someone else to do it. We would like to introduce The Easy Clean Duster. The worlds first and best shutter duster and blind slat cleaner. It has 3 rotating fingers that swallow dust and rotate 360 degrees for maximum cleaning. These dusting fingers can be removed and washed and then re-used. The duster also has an adapter that can be attached to the end of the handle and an extension pole applied to use it for tall and hard to reach blinds and shutters. It has multiple uses and purposed beyond cleaning blinds and shutters. Use the Easy Clean Duster on furniture and lighting and anything else in your home that needs dusting. Check it out today for your home at

Do you have the right tool to clean your blinds?

What do you use to clean your blinds? I’m sure many of you just grab the closest clothe or rag to wipe them down. Some of you may even use a traditional duster for this, but I would like to introduce you to the blind duster that actually works and saves time. The Easy Clean Duster cleans blinds and shutters and more. It is specifically built for larger blinds like 2″ faux wood blinds, 2″ wood blinds and plantation shutters. It is made from microfiber chenille noodles and cleans both sides of the slat. It is washable and re-usable to save you time and money. It has 3 dusting fingers that rotate and clean dirt in those tough to reach areas. If you have blind slats that are dirty fear no more! Get the Easy Clean Duster today and make your life easier!

East to West Easyclean does it best…..

February is here and people all over the country are beginning to discover the best venetian blind cleaner on the planet…..The Easyclean Duster. New Yorkers, Floridians, Mid-westerners and Californians are purchasing it to use it to maintain their blinds and shutters. It’s a simple blind cleaning tool that if you use a couple of times a year you are done! We are passionate here at Easyclean about our product and know that its unique ability to clean quickly and effectively is unmatched. Blind cleaning is a tough job, its not for the faint of heart and this slat cleaner has no fear of dust. Get it dirty, that’s what it’s for and then wash and re-use. We know you’ll love our product when you try it out. Whether you need to use our product aluminum, wood blinds, or faux wood blinds it will clean them all. Try it today and don’t be afraid to use it wet or dry and accomplish that tough task with simplicity.

Blind and Shutter Companies are using the Easyclean Blind Cleaner in their business….

Have you ever bought blinds before? If you have I’m sure you have thought of this question or asked this question upon closing finishing the purchase. What do you recommend I use to clean my blinds or shutters? There never really has been a good answer and that is why I came up with the Easyclean Duster. It’s a simple quick and easy way to clean blind and shutter slats. Dust unfortunately continually accumulates and horizontal slats are a key target. This blind cleaner and shutter duster will make your life easier. It can take care of all sizes of window coverings you may own throughout your life in the different homes you will own. It also is re-usable and washable for many times over.

When you hear of something good what do you usually do? You share it right? So try out the Easyclean Duster today and if you like it tell someone about it! We hope you will and begin making your life a little more aligned with the tools that make your jobs easier. Check us out at today!

How to clean blinds easy in the New Year…..

Homeowners everywhere:

Yes , 2012 is gone and 2013 is here. This means we are all just a few months away from spring cleaning and that beautiful fresh air! One problem, the cleaning is just not to enticing like the fresh air and warm weather. Especially if your home has dirty window coverings. Blinds, Plantation shutters and the like are a magnet for the dust. Many of you may or may not know why blinds are magnetic to dust. Vinyl and aluminum both will hold a electric charge that enables dust to stick to both surfaces making the cleaning task more intense and difficult. This is precisely why you need our blind cleaner and duster. It is made from microfiber which has angled filaments rather than round filaments like nylon. The microfiber filaments latch onto the dust. Our Easyclean Duster will out perform what many have been using for years to clean their venetian blinds and shutters.

We pride ourselves in the fact that once someone has used our product they can continue to use it over and over again in their home. It can also be adjusted for 2″ blinds or 3″ blinds or shutters. It has the ability to even clean a 4″ shutter or a 1″ blind. This makes the Easyclean Duster one of a kind on in the marketplace today. So you see cleaning still may be a difficult task, but with the right tools we can make it much easier and less time consuming. Try out our duster today and you’ll not regret it, check it out at

Say Goodbye to cleaning blinds one slat at a time…..

Have you ever tried to clean your blinds? Exactly, I know what you are thinking …. I should of paid for this to be done, but have you checked out the cost? Its expensive! It really is the worst job in the world in your home and it is time consuming, tedious and never goes away. Cleaning blinds with the right tool makes all the difference in the world. The Easyclean Duster is a new innovative tool that cleans blind and shutter slats on both sides simultaneously. It’s microfiber chenille noodle dusting fingers suck up the dust and leave a clean smooth slat behind. The Easyclean duster has dusting fingers over 7″ long giving enough cleaning surface area to cover slats effectively. The dusting fingers can also be used to clean between cords. Having 3 dusting fingers that clean blind or shutter slats helps get the back and front edge of slats that are commonly missed when cleaning blinds when they are closed. Cleaning blinds with the Easyclean Duster is like painting a wall with a roller instead of a brush. It outperforms anything else in the market, saves time and gives the best result. You’ll never ask “What is the best way to clean blinds again.

A Dirty Job but someone has to do it……

Almost every home in America and all over the world have blinds and shutters which equal dust collectors and this means you have your work cut out for you! So what do you do? You get the Easyclean Duster, that’s what! It is a new revolutionary blind duster and shutter cleaner not only for blinds but shutters but even more. It is unique with its ability to be adjusted to clean any slat size on the market today. There are positioning holes which give 1″ spacing and help you configure the best setup for the cleaning of your blinds or shutters. It can clean any blind or shutter including 1″, 2″, 2 1/2″, 3″, and 4″. It gets better because with its microfiber chenille dusting noodles the Easyclean duster latches on to the dust on your blind slats. Microfiber has a unique ability to catch and trap the dust with its wedge shaped polyester fibers. They cling to the dust better and are far more effective than round shaped fibers which nylon produces. Microfiber lifts the dust off of the surface you are cleaning. The Easyclean Duster can be inserted into the slats and it will clean both top and bottom of the slats at the same time. Use it to reach those tough areas around the tilt bars on plantation shutters and also the cords and ladders on a blind. Once soiled the dusting fingers can be cleaned and re-used for multiple uses making our duster even more of a value.

After cleaning all you blinds and shutters don’t stop there! Use it to clean anything in your home. Picture frames, lighting, furniture, moldings and edges can all be easily cleaned with the Easyclean duster. It is the ultimate “All in one” duster that has the ability to clean more than just blinds and shutters.

Let the Easyclean Duster be your marketing tool for your business!

Hello all Blind and Shutter Cleaning and Sales Business Owners….

I would like to introduce to you our product as a valid option for a marketing tool for you company. Many of you are aware of the difficulty that exists keeping blinds and shutters clean. In fact, I know many of you get the question “What is the best way to clean my blinds or shutters?. I invite you to take a look at our adjustable blind cleaner and shutter duster. It has the ability to adjust to clean any size of slat on any blind or shutter. It can be sold to your customers, given away as a sales promotion or simply just shown to them to provide a solution to keep their investments clean. We like to offer our product as a marketing tool that can help your business. As you know many customers have difficulty remembering where they purchased their window coverings from, but if they own The Easyclean Duster blind duster that has your company name and number on it they will always remember. Their friends who are over will also ask and or see the product and provide potential customers. We pride ourselves in a quality product and hope that you will try our easyclean blind cleaner and shutter cleaner. It really really works! See our product at today.

Blind and Shutter Companies are beginning to discover the Easyclean Duster…..

People have all kinds of blinds and shutters these days. They are made from all types of different products. The Easyclean Duster is a new product into the market specifically designed for blind and shutter cleaning. Its ability to adjust to different sizes of slats from 1″ to 4 ” make it unique in the market. It can truly make your life easier to maintain your window coverings. Many people ask How to clean blinds? or What is the best way to clean blinds and shutters? The Easyclean duster answers that question with our unique ability to clean both sides of the slats at the same time. It is also washable and re-usable. We pride ourselves in creating a product that is made of quality keeps on giving back to the consumer. Although it is primarily designed for blinds and shutters it can be used for many different things in your home. It will clean all types of vents, ceiling fans, moldings, and furniture and hard to reach places. Try out the Easyclean duster today and make your life easier and save time and money on cleaning projects in your home!

Cleaning for the Holidays…. It’s that time again!

Hello All,

Time has the ability to pass us by quickly and before you know it the Holidays are here again. They are upon us and it is time to get out the cleaning tools! Many of us have family and friends coming for special occasions and want to impress or have a clean home. We would like to recommend our Easyclean Duster for all of your difficult cleaning. Many of you ask How to clean blinds the best? or Where can I get a good re-usable cleaning tool? Our product makes blind cleanig and shutter cleaning a snap. It has the ability to clean in less time and less effort. We also recommend it for high ceilings with our adapter that fits any standard threaded extension pole that most consumers already have in their possession. We offer refills to give you the ability to keep cleaning while you dirty up the dusting fingers that come with our Easyclean Duster. The dirty ceiling fans can also be cleaned with The Easyclean Duster. One of the best things is that once your done cleaning simply take off our dusting fingers and throw them in the wash and get them ready to use the next time. We wish you good luck in all your cleaning duties!

Thank you,

Team EasyClean