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We here at want to give back to as many people as possible and to help those in need. Times are tough and so we have created a program that has no risk to your Charity and will cost you nothing but a little of your time and efforts. will donate $5 for each online sale of our EasyClean Duster that is referred to us from your Charitable organization for 1 whole month! So whether your Charity needs $500, $5,000, $50,000 or more we have no limits on how much your Charity can receive.

Here’s how it works:

  • Recommend your Charity to us for our revenue sharing program
  • We approve your Charity and get your Charity’s month scheduled on our calendar
  • You share the program throughout your Charity and begin to communicate the program to all those affiliated with your Charity (Done via newsletter, blogs, member email invitations to friends and family, and/or media outlets etc)
  • Your Charity EARNS $5 for each EasyClean Duster sold through our online program. (Each sale directed from your Charity will be marked with your Charities name to ensure credit for each sale)
  • We get you a check by the 5th day of the following month for your Charity!
  • You put the Money to good use in your Charity!

It’s that Simple and Sweet all at the same time.

Benefits of our program are:blind-cleaners-150x150

  • No Financial Risk to you and No Inventory for you to manage
  • No fulfillment of the product, We do everything you just spread the news!
  • No inflated prices on our product, all your referred customers get our everyday price
  • They get our quality product to use for a Lifetime which saves them time and money
  • You can personalize our product with your Charity’s name on it with a label saying thanks to all who helped out your cause
  • We give back over 33% of the Gross Sale to you because there is no middlemen involved in this program and we have the ability to do it and want to help

Contact us now if you are interested in partnering with us to help your Charity build a better life for all involved!

*All Charities and Non-Profits must provide proper paperwork and be operating in good standing according to the laws and requirements of the state they are governed by.

Ask us about our charity program! Contact