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If you are a Business Owner and would like to add The EasyClean Duster to your product line we can make that happen. EasyClean is a new and innovative product and listed below are some of the benefits from selling our product. If you are interested just fill in your company’s information below and we’ll contact you to get started with discounted wholesale duster pricing.

  • Increase your profits whether you have a Storefront or you are a Website Retailer
  • EasyClean will help set you apart from your competitor’s who do not carry it
  • Increase your company’s brand if you choose to use it as a marketing piece (you can apply your company’s name and logo on the product for constant referral business)
  • A quality product that they will keep and see your name over and over
  • You can give them a solution for cleaning their Home and Window Coverings
  • EasyClean comes as pictured for your customers with complete instructional box and our website for them to constantly refer to or use our customer service
  • Completely backed customer service from us here at
  • If you are an Internet Retailer we have a “no inventory program” selling our product which includes fulfillment and no risk on your part
  • Wholesale volume pricing programs available for retail and direct sales
  • We have special pricing for Cleaning Specialists and Cleaning Service Companies

* We here at are respectful of your privacy and will not share your Company’s information with anyone.

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