Do you have the right tool to clean your blinds?

What do you use to clean your blinds? I’m sure many of you just grab the closest clothe or rag to wipe them down. Some of you may even use a traditional duster for this, but I would like to introduce you to the blind duster that actually works and saves time. The Easy Clean Duster cleans blinds and shutters and more. It is specifically built for larger blinds like 2″ faux wood blinds, 2″ wood blinds and plantation shutters. It is made from microfiber chenille noodles and cleans both sides of the slat. It is washable and re-usable to save you time and money. It has 3 dusting fingers that rotate and clean dirt in those tough to reach areas. If you have blind slats that are dirty fear no more! Get the Easy Clean Duster today and make your life easier!

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