Does your home suffer from dirty blinds and shutters?

Have you looked at your blinds lately? Have you seen the dirt and dust that piles up on you blind slats and shutter louvers? Seriously this is a problem….. This is why you need to get your home and ECD. In other words an Easy Clean Duster. Most people avoid this difficult and horrible job. It is mundane and tedious and usually people end up paying money for someone else to do it. We would like to introduce The Easy Clean Duster. The worlds first and best shutter duster and blind slat cleaner. It has 3 rotating fingers that swallow dust and rotate 360 degrees for maximum cleaning. These dusting fingers can be removed and washed and then re-used. The duster also has an adapter that can be attached to the end of the handle and an extension pole applied to use it for tall and hard to reach blinds and shutters. It has multiple uses and purposed beyond cleaning blinds and shutters. Use the Easy Clean Duster on furniture and lighting and anything else in your home that needs dusting. Check it out today for your home at

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