EasyClean Shutter and Blinds Duster Testimonials

I have been cleaning Homes and Clubhouses for years now and it has been difficult to find a product that has “all in one” capabilities than you can re-use. I decided to try the EasyClean Duster and I am very happy with it. I found it extremely convenient for several reasons. First, it is very easy to maneuver in and out of blinds. It is also very easy to use cleaning everything in the home. I can use it dry or if needed I can get it wet for that sticky dust and re-wash it and then re-use it without having to waste money on throw away refills.

Maria Jones

Hi Brett, I purchased my easyclean duster in October 2012, and I must say It’s one of my best purchases! I have wooden shutters all around my house and I find the easyclean duster one of the quickest ways to clean them.The design is great and I highly recommend it to anyone for a most effective cleaning tool! So overall it’s simple to use and of course eco-friendly. Thank you again for such a wonderful design. Kind Regards,

Sandra Smith / Wales, UK

I saw Easy cleaner on website as I was searching for a company to come out and clean all my blinds in the house as I hate to do the job as it is very time consuming. I have purchased other products at the grocery store and still not very happy. The design of the Easy Cleaner is great. I wish I had known about it sooner. It is not as time comsuming now to tackle the blinds and I actually enjoy it. Wish I would have thought about the design!!

Cindy Wilke / Flower Mound, Texas

Hi Brett, We used the dusters yesterday at our office…lots of brown wooden blinds to deal with that go from floor to ceiling. I had an extension pole, other ladies just used them without. They definitely work better, easier and faster than the way we have been doing them blind by blind. This was our first time and we were getting used to them but I feel it will cut our time down more than half. Overall, I love it. It will cut our time down..save our neck and shoulders and clean the blinds way more thoroughly. Plus they wash up nice and allow many uses which make me very happy with this purchase!!!

Pam Papke / The Clean Team, Cordova, TN

Dear Brett, You asked some questions about my usage of this product and, as I told you, I love this duster. It works. I use it to dust wooden blinds, crown molding, door facings, window sills, walls, baseboards and ceiling fans. Take the duster heads off, throw in the washer, dry and reuse. Very simple to use and eco-friendly. I definitely recommend this product for cleaning/dusting. You now have a loyal customer – me.

Lisa Martin / Lakehills, Texas

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