Will The EasyClean Duster clean any surface?
Yes, EasyClean will dust all surfaces including: Wood, Plastic, Metal, Glass, and Tile. It works on anything you need to clean in your home. You can use the duster to clean any dry surface or use EasyClean wet for those sticky or tough areas to clean. Try it you’ll love it.
Will EasyClean adjust to clean any size of Blind?
Yes, EasyClean adjusts to all 1”, 2”, 3”, or 4” slats whether you have Blinds or Shutters. Just see the set up guide on our “How to Use” page for appropriate size and pin set up for your blind size.
Can I get refills of dusting fingers for EasyClean?
Yes you can, just order them off our website in sets of 3 and they will be sent right to you!
How long will the dusting fingers last?
Well this depends on how much you use them and if they are washed often and cleaned. If so you can expect them to last anywhere from 6 months to 3 years. Microfiber is a very durable product and can be washed over and over again.
How do I clean the dusting fingers?
Simply remove the microfiber dusting fingers from the foam sleeve and throw them in your washer! You can let them air dry or throw them in your dryer. They are usable over and over again for long term cleaning. We recommend getting a extra set of the dusting fingers so you always have them to switch out while cleaning.
How does EasyClean pick up the dust so well?
Microfiber Noodles have the unique ability to latch on to the smallest dust particles. Microfiber is full of thousands of microscopic fabric tentacles that cling to the dust. It becomes like a magnet which helps you rid your home of unwanted dust and allergens without spray on chemicals!
Will EasyClean save me time and money?
Yes, It means you buy less refills and get more out of your cleaning efforts with EasyClean. If you have been buying dusters which require refills you throw away, it will help save a lot of money and time. EasyClean gets jobs done quick and easy with its microfiber noodles and its 3 finger cleaning system.
Can I buy EasyClean in Stores?
Not currently, but soon you will be able to purchase at retail locations. Our website is currently the only place to purchase it. Please share this with your friends if you think they could benefit.
Will EasyClean be durable for many years?
Yes, we have taken time to construct a quality heavy duty product that lasts. We are proud to provide you a product that will maintain a long lifespan. EasyClean helps reduce cleaning costs and improves performance for a safer and cleaner home. This will be the last duster you ever have to buy! Clean Smarter – Invest in EasyClean…