How to clean blinds easy in the New Year…..

Homeowners everywhere:

Yes , 2012 is gone and 2013 is here. This means we are all just a few months away from spring cleaning and that beautiful fresh air! One problem, the cleaning is just not to enticing like the fresh air and warm weather. Especially if your home has dirty window coverings. Blinds, Plantation shutters and the like are a magnet for the dust. Many of you may or may not know why blinds are magnetic to dust. Vinyl and aluminum both will hold a electric charge that enables dust to stick to both surfaces making the cleaning task more intense and difficult. This is precisely why you need our blind cleaner and duster. It is made from microfiber which has angled filaments rather than round filaments like nylon. The microfiber filaments latch onto the dust. Our Easyclean Duster will out perform what many have been using for years to clean their venetian blinds and shutters.

We pride ourselves in the fact that once someone has used our product they can continue to use it over and over again in their home. It can also be adjusted for 2″ blinds or 3″ blinds or shutters. It has the ability to even clean a 4″ shutter or a 1″ blind. This makes the Easyclean Duster one of a kind on in the marketplace today. So you see cleaning still may be a difficult task, but with the right tools we can make it much easier and less time consuming. Try out our duster today and you’ll not regret it, check it out at

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