How to Use the EasyClean Blind Duster

The EasyClean Duster is designed to SAVE us all TIME and MONEY because lets be honest here……cleaning is NOT fun!, but having a clean home is so important for many reasons. Our Duster has the ability to clean everything in your home and you can re-use The EasyClean Duster over and over again. Say GOOD BYE to those dusters you have to buy a new refill to use everytime!!!

Benefits of Dusting with EasyClean:

  • Cleans any surface : Wood, Plastic, Metal, Glass, Tile
  • Microfiber Noodles Cling to dust for maximum cleaning
  • Cleans Furniture, Electronics, Blinds, Picture Frames & Light Fixtures
  • EasyClean is simple to Set up
  • Removable Dusting Fingers, Rollers and Pins
  • Dusting Fingers spin 360 degrees for full use of dusting surfaces
  • Adjustable to clean any project. Use 1 -2, or 3 Dusting Fingers to clean
  • Cleans tough Jobs like Blinds and Shutters Quick and Easy (see chart below)
  • Dry or Wet use for tough or sticky jobs
  • Re-washable – Re-usable – Re-fillable


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