February is here and people all over the country are beginning to discover the best venetian blind cleaner on the planet…..The Easyclean Duster. New Yorkers, Floridians, Mid-westerners and Californians are purchasing it to use it to maintain their blinds and shutters. It’s a simple blind cleaning tool that if you use a couple of times […]

Have you ever bought blinds before? If you have I’m sure you have thought of this question or asked this question upon closing finishing the purchase. What do you recommend I use to clean my blinds or shutters? There never really has been a good answer and that is why I came up with the […]

Homeowners everywhere: Yes , 2012 is gone and 2013 is here. This means we are all just a few months away from spring cleaning and that beautiful fresh air! One problem, the cleaning is just not to enticing like the fresh air and warm weather. Especially if your home has dirty window coverings. Blinds, Plantation […]

Hello all Blind and Shutter Cleaning and Sales Business Owners…. I would like to introduce to you our product as a valid option for a marketing tool for you company. Many of you are aware of the difficulty that exists keeping blinds and shutters clean. In fact, I know many of you get the question […]

People have all kinds of blinds and shutters these days. They are made from all types of different products. The Easyclean Duster is a new product into the market specifically designed for blind and shutter cleaning. Its ability to adjust to different sizes of slats from 1″ to 4 ” make it unique in the […]