Say Goodbye to cleaning blinds one slat at a time…..

Have you ever tried to clean your blinds? Exactly, I know what you are thinking …. I should of paid for this to be done, but have you checked out the cost? Its expensive! It really is the worst job in the world in your home and it is time consuming, tedious and never goes away. Cleaning blinds with the right tool makes all the difference in the world. The Easyclean Duster is a new innovative tool that cleans blind and shutter slats on both sides simultaneously. It’s microfiber chenille noodle dusting fingers suck up the dust and leave a clean smooth slat behind. The Easyclean duster has dusting fingers over 7″ long giving enough cleaning surface area to cover slats effectively. The dusting fingers can also be used to clean between cords. Having 3 dusting fingers that clean blind or shutter slats helps get the back and front edge of slats that are commonly missed when cleaning blinds when they are closed. Cleaning blinds with the Easyclean Duster is like painting a wall with a roller instead of a brush. It outperforms anything else in the market, saves time and gives the best result. You’ll never ask “What is the best way to clean blinds again.

2 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to cleaning blinds one slat at a time…..

  1. Grace Melton says:

    The present invention proposes to solve the aforementioned problems by providing a frame and dusting finger configuration with the novel feature of dusting fingers that rotate about their axis while the frame is moved lengthwise down the slats of the venetian blinds, the result being more surface area of the dusting finger available for the retention of dust than the predecessors. This results in less frequent cleaning of the fingers and significantly reduces the amount of non-productive time for the cleaning process.

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